Hero Ran

The inner dialogue of our conflicted protagonist. Another piece intended as part of a “concept album” which I had actually made a booklet and story to go along with, now lost. Recorded on the same day as Word Is Out.

See Me Thru

A mellow pearl, written under the influence of the Velvet Underground. Started playing around with the sample of myself playing guitar at different speeds, I got an effect I really liked. I later re-recorded this with a band.

Tellin a Lie

Two dueling acoustic guitars, two vocals, computer-generated drums and bass… some of the vocals were regrettable but I didn’t save the multitrack, so I was never able to revisit it and give it the love it probably deserved. All the love came later. Favorite moment is the breakdown at around 1:15. Not sure where that […]


My attempt at writing the simplest song possible. As is typical with constraints, I ended up with something more interesting than I had expected. If not for the hideous drum fill, this might have been a contender.

Yo Soy Dinero

It means “I be money” and that’s the goal. No idea what it meant when I wrote it, just thought it fit its place in the song. Wasn’t entirely convinced as to what I was singing there anyway, just let inspiration run its course. Sound of hammering notes from electric piano was a pleasant surprise.

Run Away

Falsetto is almost unrecognizable in this track. A chipper Ray singing. Lyrics were taking me where they wanted, or to whomever they wanted, and in this case we ended up in a blind alleyway with a girl called Cindy.