Sunlite was the second song I wrote just for the band we were calling Bootyproof. Having done a poppy rock track earlier with Officially, we were feeling like this was our groove. We had started to play shows, and these tracks anchored the set.

We were both also going through our own relationship issues at the time, and lines like “in the sunlight of your eyes, I found the rain” were inevitable. I remember writing the “vampires of the past” line in tribute to Sparklehorse, whose Sick of Goodbyes song had fantastic lyrics like “no one sees you’re on a vampire planet…” and were so damn good they’d bring me to tears.

There’s a video, too. This was produced for the Hello! Video show, and the footage came from my friend Lizzie.


I joined Stumptown Coffee as the first employee in 1999, and soon started playing music with RC Gartrell. At some point it was decided to record an album in the first location after hours, and we formed a band to contribute a track. We chose the name Bootyproof, because it was funny. 🤔

This was pressed on vinyl and released soon thereafter, marking the only time a song of mine has been released on a record.