Yo Soy Dinero

This was one of the more successful songs we worked on together. We’d get asked about this song years later. It was a crowd favorite. Jordan Hudson plays drums. If you’re curious, you can listen to the earlier demo version.


I had recorded this earlier by myself, but felt that it would be a good fit for a band. It was a lot of fun to play live, and easy enough that I could actually manage it with my limited guitar skills, so it was a mainstay at our shows.


Sunlite was the second song I wrote just for the band we were calling Bootyproof. Having done a poppy rock track earlier with Officially, we were feeling like this was our groove. We had started to play shows, and these tracks anchored the set. We were both also going through our own relationship issues at […]

No More Waiting

One of the first songs I think I actually recorded with RC. Early 2001 in Portland. Lyrics just kind of came while we were working out the rhythm in the studio, and we decided to take turns singing. We kind of play around at the end, so in a sense it felt like a “warm-up […]

The Big Mystique

The bass line here was so awkward that when I asked RC to play it, he thought I was crazy. “Bill Berry felt the same way about that song on Green,” I told him, to which he responded “Bill Berry ended up not playing that drum part.” Touché. I think the working title was “The […]


I joined Stumptown Coffee as the first employee in 1999, and soon started playing music with RC Gartrell. At some point it was decided to record an album in the first location after hours, and we formed a band to contribute a track. We chose the name Bootyproof, because it was funny. 🤔 This was […]