• I Like You

    I Like You

    A suitable end to the Kitty album. Not for anyone, but rather for everyone.

  • Cover Me With Paint

    Cover Me With Paint

    Rejected pitch for Sherwin Williams. Assumed it would sell a lot of paint…

  • Something Energy

    Something Energy

    A homesick song for a homesick generation.

  • Gravity Control

    Gravity Control

    A commission for an indie film by the same name that never got off the ground.

  • Bar of the Gods

    Bar of the Gods

    During the year I was making a lot of this music, I also spent a lot of time at this bar. They also hosted my video show every month. So I wrote them a theme song. Like Cheers. Just like Cheers.

  • Look at the Bird

    Look at the Bird

    It all happened so quickly. This was the only phrase I remembered…

  • No Apology

    No Apology

    This song would be rewritten as “Tellina Lie” and performed band-style. Vocals in bridge just had to go.

  • Sara Lee

    Sara Lee

    Pitch for a theme song for Sara Lee Corporation, but the song was too “edgy” and was not actually “played” for them.

  • Moving


    Originally pitched as a theme song for U-haul, but rejected. Their loss, your gain.