• Happy Valentine’s Day

    Happy Valentine’s Day

    The melody came from my discovery that I could randomly drop blocks onto the grid in a music app, quantize it and tweak it a bit, and it wouldn’t sound half bad. Featuring disposable drums at the mercy of a three-button mouse.

  • I’ll See You Again

    I’ll See You Again

    Very insistent that we would see each other again. No room for debate or discussion there. Wasn’t in the mood to write a ton of lyrics, it is a song of economy.

  • January 23rd

    January 23rd

    The idea here was to base a simple song around the effect of a handheld tape recorder being paused and un-paused repeatedly, during a recording. Most of the vocal sounds were August. It sounds strange now.

  • Pool


    The very definition of a throwaway track.

  • Mister Splinterer

    Mister Splinterer

    An attempt at writing a song around a theme. Not sure how I got the vocal effect on the four track, but I suspect I panned the vocal to one side and everything else to the other, treating it as a two track and then putting the effect on one side on the computer.

  • Sentimentalities


    One of my better attempts at four-tracking with an acoustic guitar and a simple song idea. Intended to overdub a horn section in the middle there, but much like with The Who singing “cello” on A Quick One, I just never got around to it.

  • Without You

    Without You

    An attempt at writing a love letter to a girl I’d just started dating.

  • Drink Budweiser

    Drink Budweiser

    The idea being that Budweiser drinkers are likely to enjoy sniffing superglue is a contentious one, and is still up for debate in some circles.

  • Collage


    Kind of more a collection of the sounds I was making in Santa Cruz than anything else. I suspect I’d just discovered Propellerhead’s software. Something like that. But a lot of this is just me playing around with a tape recorder as well.